The Sisterhood of Avalon
Remembering, Reclaiming, Renewing
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Calling the Barge: Self-Reflective Questions

If you feel drawn to join the Sisterhood of Avalon, please take your time to consider these questions, from a place of honesty and centeredness:

  • Do you feel that personal responsibility is an important part of a spiritual path?
  • Do you work well in an environment which pushes you to find your own wisdoms, rather than one that promotes rote teachings?
  • Are you comfortable working only with Female and Goddess energies?
  • Is the difficult path of inner process work with the aim of attaining lasting change in your life something you are ready to undertake at this point of your journey?
  • Are you ready to look into the mirror of the soul to seek your shadow and move through your pain to find the genuine self you can manifest in your everyday life?
  • Are you prepared to make a commitment to YOURSELF and to your inner growth?
  • Are you willing to do daily work to come to an understanding of self and to forge a genuine connection with the Divine?

If you have answered YES to all of these questions, please be sure you have thoroughly read through the SOA website, especially our Bylaws, and the overview of the Avalonian Tradition.

If, after reviewing our materials and spending time in personal reflection, you feel that the Sisterhood of Avalon might be a spiritual fit for you, please consider submitting an application for membership.