The Sisterhood of Avalon
Remembering, Reclaiming, Renewing
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Calling the Barge: Our Membership Application Process

The Journey to Avalon

The Path to the top of the Tor
Is also the spiraled way to the woman within
A journey of growth, empowerment, and self-understanding
A Voyage to the Source, the Center, the Goddess…
She whose Name can only be found in the silence of the soul
Delve into your darkness… enter your pain
Conquer your fears…
Call the Barge to take you
To the Holy Island of healing which resides within…
And emerge renewed
The Mysteries of Avalon are alive
Her Apples are red and sweet…
Do you dare take a bite?
Become the Woman you were born to be…

Jhenah Telyndru © 1995

Calling the Barge
Parting the Mist
Reaching the Shore
Reclaiming the Isle

The Five Seeds of Wisdom

When we slice an apple horizontally, we reveal the five-pointed star that lies at its very heart – a reflection of the five-fold mysteries of Avalon. Five seeds lay in the center of the Apple of Wisdom, each holding the potential for growth and transformation needed to obtain knowledge of the true self. The focus of the Sisterhood of Avalon is to facilitate the revelation of these seeds in the soul process of our members; our teachings and path of study reflect and honor this process.

Seed One: Calling the Barge

Somewhere deep in the soul of every Daughter of Avalon, the song of ancient memory sparks a longing for the home of our Mothers. Called to the Quest, we stand at the shore of our becoming, daring to speak our need into the moonlit night. We embark upon the journey over the lake to Avalon, navigating the inner waters, seeking the reflection of our inner truths.

Seed Two: Parting the Mists

Confronted by the mists of illusion, we must find the word that will cause them to part – naming that vital element which is the root of our illusion. In naming this, we set ourselves free and lift the veil, so that our journey may continue.

Seed Three: Retrieving the Sword

The veil parts, and through the water’s glassy surface we see the Lady of the Lake holding aloft the sword of truth. We have earned this tool against the darkness of illusion, and taking it in hand, we are empowered to establish an inner queendom illuminated by the light of right action.

Seed Four: Reaching the Shore

At last, we find ourselves on solid ground – setting our feet on the sacred shores of Avalon. Our journey culminates in this moment of attainment; we have obtained our desire and overcome the obstacles seeking to prevent us from realizing our goal. Touching the core of our Sacred Nature, we rejoice in the knowledge that we have the power to transform our lives and draw closer to manifesting our authentic Self.

Seed Five: Reclaiming the Isle

Bringing the energies of the landscape with us, we embark upon the labyrinthine path leading us to the top of the Tor. At this place of center, we pull in the threads of all aspects of the soul’s landscape – light and shadow, descending and emerging – to create the full tapestry of the Self. Spinning ever higher, we gain the perspective that brings clear sight and the ability to read the Great Pattern. With the arch of the heavens above us, and the cauldron of the valley below, we bridge the realms of Being and stand fully in the Sacred Essence of Avalon.

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