The Sisterhood of Avalon
Remembering, Reclaiming, Renewing
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SOA Hearths are local gatherings of women joined together in sisterhood to immerse themselves in the Avalonian Tradition. At least one woman within each Hearth, the facilitator or Hearth Mother, has undergone foundational training in the Sisterhood of Avalon, and has structured the Hearth in accordance with SOA guidelines. Hearths are both teaching and working groups, and all Hearth Sisters are members of the SOA.


Novice Hearths are groups which are presently completing the requirements to become a Full Hearth, while Learning Circles are sisters meeting together and doing preparatory work with the goal of becoming a Novice Hearth.


All Hearth groups are fully integrated entities within the SOA, and have religious and administrative responsibilities to the organization. They must abide by the bylaws of the Sisterhood of Avalon, and practice within the tenants of the Avalonian Tradition.

The Sisterhood of Avalon has active Hearths and Learning Circles across North America and in Europe. For more information, please contact our Hearthkeeper Matron at


Online Groups

For Sisters with and without local community, the Sisterhood of Avalon maintains a vibrant online community and offers opportunities for study, learning, and sharing in a safe and supportive environment. We present multiple avenues for immersion in the Avalonian Tradition, ranging from deep scholastic research to Awen-infused expressions of creativity.  Sisters may undertake a structured path of study, choose to participate in some of our more free-flowing community discussion groups or both. We are proud of the Wise Women and Priestesses who serve our community as teachers and mentors, as well as the Sister-led discussions and explorations that permit us to share in the wisdoms and sacred insights inherent in every woman.

Hearth - Photo by Jhenah Telyndru
Avalonian Altar - Photo by Kelly Woo