The Sisterhood of Avalon
Remembering, Reclaiming, Renewing
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We are in the middle of layout!!! Our amazing volunteers are working hard to ensure consistency and accuracy. We are estimating a May publication. We

Tiffany Lazic

The lovely Tiffany Lazic has sent us a wonderful essay on Arianrhod’s children, as well as a prayer and a photo taken at Conwy River

Kristoffer Hughes

We are excited to announce that we have accepted a fabulous essay by Kristoffer Hughes for publication in “Silver Wheel: A Devotional Anthology in Honor

Foreword by Jhenah Telyndru

We are pleased to announce that Jhenah Telyndru is writing the foreword for “Silver Wheel” as well as an essay. As stated before, the publication

Silver Wheel Anthology update!

We are pushing out the publication to Spring 2023. We know this anthology has been years in the making, and we don’t want to delay

Silver Wheel Anthology – Final Edits

Hello, artists and writers! Everyone has received their initial edits already, and we are in the process of sending final edits as we get things